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About Us

About Us

Mind, Body, Spirit, Zen is an online retailer, focused on health & fitness apparel, mental wellness products, and assorted accessories.  We’re based in sunny Tampa, Florida and ship internationally to an ever growing list of countries.


For decades, we traveled and lived all over the world.  Our travels brought us to nearly every corner of the globe: from the exotic, tropical South Pacific and Asia to the snowy European Alps and deserts of the Middle East.  Along the way, we took in the sites, met some amazing people, and built on countless experiences that have proven to be invaluable.

Core Values

A large part of our journey involved 20+ years of martial arts training in Taekwondo, traditional Goju-Ryu Karate, then Hawaiian Kajukenbo—the original mixed martial art! (MMA) 

It was through these disciplines that taught our family many of the fundamental elements of hard work, perseverance, and mutual /self-respect.  We discovered the many benefits of meditation and the core values of “Mind, Body, & Spirit.”  Once these are mastered, one can truly find peace and Zen!  


In today’s high pressure society, people are feeling the effects of stress and anxiety for a variety of reasons.  Record levels have now become dependent on prescription medications to alleviate the problem.

At Mind, Body, Spirit, Zen, our mission is to offer products to our Customers that promote a healthier, calming, and overall “fitness for life.”